Unlocking Protein Potential in Soy: Designing the Next Generation of High- Protein, Low Antinutrient Soybeans

Time: 1:45 pm
day: Day Two


  • Pioneering soybean varieties for animal feed applications such as aquaculture and poultry, these soybeans not only boast higher protein content but also reduced antinutrient levels for novel feed ingredients that are more sustainable and more nutritious.
  • Innovating with CropOS Technology, a combination of germplasm data, artificial intelligence, machine learning models, and gene editing, to create a multiplier effect for genomic innovation.
  • Through the power of CropOS and gene editing technology, continuous enhancements are made to protein levels while diminishing antinutrients like saponins and nondigestible sugars. Join the team working on the next generation of these specialized soybeans.