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Partnering with the 6th Annual CRISPR AgBio Congress offered a significant opportunity to elevate your brand in the industry. Partners gained access to a diverse network of 80+ industry experts, ranging from CEOs to Microbiologists and Regulatory Specialists.  

This exclusive opportunity allowed partners to forge enduring relationships, garner industry recognition, which positioned companies as a leader in the CRISPR AgBio and gene editing field. Collaborating with top companies actively seeking advanced technologies opened doors to achieving 2024 commercial goals. 

If your company offers cutting-edge technologies such as gene editing, advanced sequencing, and CRISPR reagents, partnering with us will enable you to connect to a dynamic ecosystem, fostering collaborations and interactions with industry leaders, enhancing your presence in the CRISPR AgBio space.

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Partner with us to tailor your strategies effectively to meet the future demands of AgBio markets.

Experts Needed Help With: 

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CRISPR Reagents Providers 

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Plant Sequencing Providers 

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Analytical Testing Providers 

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Plant Genomics Research Providers 

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Why Partner?

Achieve your commercial goals by collaborating with top companies actively seeking advanced and cost-efficient technologies 
Establish yourself as a thought leader in this rapidly
growing field 
Be the first to partner and gain exclusive access to opportunities reserved for our lead partner

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