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Cibus is a leading agricultural technology company that uses precision gene editing to develop productivity traits in seeds that enable farmers to manage production challenges such as diseases, insects, weeds, nitrogen use and climate change. Cibus’ goal is to use its trait technology to create a new generation of crops that will have increased yields while requiring less chemicals and an increased ability to thrive in hotter, more arid conditions. Cibus’ patented RTDS® technology platform has enabled agriculture’s first standardized end-to-end gene editing trait prototype and production system: the Trait Machine®. The Trait Machine represents a technological breakthrough in plant breeding that broadens the range and scale of possible trait solutions that makes more diverse germplasm accessible and materially shortens trait breeding timelines, helping to quickly penetrate global markets. Cibus’ technologies and traits are accelerating agriculture’s jump to a climate smart, more sustainable crop production system. 



Expertise Partner  

CRISPR QC leads the genomics frontier with its CRISPR Analytics Platform, driven by the proprietary CRISPR-Chip. This revolutionary technology offers real-time insights into CRISPR/Cas kinetics, enabling effective gene-editing. The platform's data provides researchers with unparalleled accuracy and reliability in evaluating CRISPR/Cas systems, optimizing efficiency, and advancing applications in therapeutics, agriculture, and beyond. In the fast-moving field of genomics, CRISPR QC provides indispensable data for informed gene-editing decisions.


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