What to Expect in 2024

Welcome to the premier platform for stakeholders to:

  • Navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape
  • Delve into cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs
  • Map out the journey of CRISPR products from the editing room to the consumer's table

...and more!

We're thrilled to present an enriched program that promises to empower you to uncover the latest gene editing tools and CRISPR technologies. You’ll hear the latest insights from regulatory bodies to tackle your top industry and agricultural challenges, pioneer innovative approaches to enhance the quality of our food, and understand consumer and public engagement to enhance your CRISPR product's success.

This summit offers the unique opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with industry leaders such as Pairwise, Syngenta, Tropic Biosciences, USDA APHIS, EPA, CoverCress, CropLife Canada, Simplot, and more.

By uniting 80+ regulatory experts and product developers from Big Seed, innovative AgBiotechs, and influential Academic Institutions, this congress will address the challenges obstructing CRISPR advancements, target crucial traits, and usher gene-edited products to fruition.

Join us next February and be part of the transformative conversation in 2024 to propel gene-edited products to success. 

Who Will You Meet?

Connect with regulatory experts, C-Level Executives, Presidents, Heads, Directors, Professors, and Scientists of Trait and Tool Delivery, and Plant Genetics from major Big Seed, AgBiotech, Regulatory Bodies and Academia.  


What Your Peers Have to Say

The updating of my understanding of the current state of the science and commercialization across the breadth of the industry was helpful”

Professor, Colorado State University  

“Networking is great for this meeting. The meeting is very informative and. the speakers are excellent” 

Associate Director, Cell Biology, Cibus 

"High quality speakers with interesting content”

Research Associate, Corteva Agriscience 

Join us in February to:


Gain insights into the future of CRISPR regulation, including updates on approval processes, and delve into the crucial significance of global regulatory alignment to streamline and inform the development of crops with experts from the EPA and USDA APHIS.


Discover the keys to a successful market entry by exploring product commercialization strategies and honing your understanding of the consumer landscape. Gain valuable insights from the CEOs of Tropic Bioscience and Pairwise to tailor your business model effectively. 


Secure a competitive advantage by tapping into the most current expertise in CRISPR and advanced gene editing technologies, including insights into trait delivery tools, artificial intelligence for target identification, breeding advancements, Cas-12, and CRISPR genome engineering, all from experts at Syngenta and Phytoform.


Revolutionise agriculture for a sustainable future with crop solutions: realize gene editing for herbicide tolerance, support eco-friendly oil production and alternative fuels, and delve into methods for reduced chemical interventions and resilience against nitrogen run off with CoverCress and Yield10.


Enhance nutrition and taste traits and discover innovative strategies for healthier foods with higher nutritional density and improved flavour profiles, with pioneering gene editing technologies and machine learning models, revolutionising the next generation of plant varieties with Benson Hill and CIMMYT, CGIAR