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The evolution of genome editing technology in the agriculture space shows no signs of slowing down or stopping. Year on year investment into the gene editing space only increases as world food shortage drivers further demonstrate the need for specialised crops and plants.

With the agricultural potential of CRISPR emerging as a reality this emerging industry desperately needs support to meet its goals of growth and development. This is where you come in…

From extensive research with large and SME ag-bio companies leveraging genome edited technologies we know that there is a HUGE gap in the market waiting to be filled by skilled service providers. Ag-Bio Gene editors are seeking CRISPR reagent providers, Plant Genomics Research Providers, Sequencing Providers and more to overcome key bottlenecks in product design.

If you are a solution provider who can meet these criteria, then partnering with us will provide you with a unique platform to establish long-term relationships with companies that want to stay at the forefront of the genome editing field

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Experts Need Your Help With:

  • CRISPR Reagent Providers
  • Plant Genomics Research Providers
  • Plant Sequencing Providers

And more!

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